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Vaccine Data Feature

MoCo COVID-19 is proud to introduce a new vaccine feature to our newsletters! Offering an enhanced overview of vaccination rates in the MoCo community, MoCo COVID-19 graphs serve as an easy alternative to government sites which can often seem unwelcome and complex.

Written by: MoCo-Covid Team
Published: May 30th, 2021

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

We are extremely excited to announce our latest integration: vaccine rate graphs. Found at the bottom of the email and web newsletters, these graphs display percentage data of single dose, second dose, and fully vaccinated MoCo citizens. Staying true to our mission of creating informative quantitative displays, we devised an innovative algorithm to collect vaccine data every day and graph them with our signature easy-to-read style. No more browser or phone lag when you’re looking at government vaccine graphs 🤮.

Here is a sample from today:

Looking to make a vaccine appointment (and become data on our graphs 😉 )? Click here.

We very much enjoy creating these new features in order to help our communities. If you have any suggestions on features relating to vaccine data or other features, send us an email to We’re waiting to hear from you!